Do you want to see change where you live and around the world? Our vision is to see people joining together in local R4TW events taking place in every country and every city of the entire world.

In all nations people are quick to say that the problems are and what should happen, but the question then is, “what are you going to do?” By considering being an event organiser, you’ve taken the first step in this challenge.

R4TW brings people together in a fun, healthy way to create awareness and to mobilize action for projects around the world to reach least reached people groups with the gospel. Or any other project that you feel is important enough to support. It is up to you wether you want to support one (or more) of our global projects, or if you want to pick your own project to support.

You get the chance to be a part of a global event by organising a local run… and we can guarantee there’s a model that suits your circumstances.


R4TW is developed as an open source model, meaning that the blueprint of organizing a local event is provided. All you have to do is think about whywhat and when you want to organize… and then organize! Since 2007 we have been building up experience and a network of people that have organized R4TW events. So even if you have never organized an event before, we will make sure you get the help you need.


You could organize a huge race with over 5,000 people, closing the main roads in your city and have a movie star to start the race – that would be terrific – BUT – that’s not the only way we will change the world, so….

You don’t have to be a professional event organiser to make a big difference. Think small – maybe 20 to 30 friends and their friends running around a park is a great way to start. So actually you can do this! This way we can build thousands of events all over the world and unite (and support!) with even the smallest, most remote communities.


We want you to organise an event that is perfectly suited to your culture and environment, the causes or projects that you feel most passionately about, your experience and your dreams. In the section How to organize we explain the process of organizing your local event, we help you to identify the purpose (the “why”) of your event and we outline a number of models that have worked around the world. You can choose what you suits best, or think up your own model.