For 2022 we have planned the following virtual events.

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AP Prayer Challenge

March 11 – March 20 

Virtually run, walk, or cycle (!) with us from the 11th of March onwards, covering (as a team) over 8000km across the Arabian Peninsula. We will start just across the Red Sea from where the Sahel Challenge last year ended, in Jeddah and finish in Mecca on the 20th of March.

Our route will take us across Saudi Arabia and North to Kuwait, from where we will follow the coastline down south to Bahrein, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Through the inland of Oman we will run/walk back to the coast in Salalah south of Oman from where we again will follow the coast into Yemen until Aden. From there we will move North again, back into Saudi Arabia to finish in the heart of the Arab world, Mecca.

As we run, walk and cycle through these countries, we will also join together in prayer for the regions that we pass through so that everyone citizen may get to know the love of Jesus Christ.

Start: Friday 11th of March
Duration: 10 days

EA 16x16 Challenge

May 1 – May 16

From the 1st of May until the 16th of May we will be virtually running or walking together with, and for 16 fields in East Asia.

During this period, every day another country in East Asia will organize a running or walking event. A day before every event you will receive an information pack about the even that is taking place the next day. This pack contains information about the type of event, the route(s) and distance(s) that can be covered, the purpose of the event, etc. With this information you can run in your own location and at your own time, imagening as if you are part of the actual event. Also prayer points will be shared for those that want to participate in prayer. If you want to, you can start at the same time the actual event starts, but this is not required (and may in some cases be difficult because of different time zones).

Your registration fee will support needs among marginalized communities. You can pray while you are walking and running.

For updates about the work of OM in East Asia, please follow our Facebook page.

Start: Sunday 1st of May
Duration: 16 days
Registration fee: USD 10* (Medal included)

* Registration fee only applies for those that join in running/walking (joining in prayer is free).
* Participants can voluntarily choose a higher registration fee, excess money will be used to support projects in the area
* Registrants on or after 15th of April are not guaranteed a medal